Lentils con Pomodorini

Posted on September 26, 2011


Want a protein packed side that tastes delicious?  Try lentils!  I made this super quick and easy side, that can easily be converted into a main dish in 2o minutes!  Lentils can be dry if eaten plain so I add them to a nice peeled cherry tomato sauce that I whipped up and it adds a lot of flavor as well as gives them a nice consistency.  If you want to make this more of a main dish, add in ground turkey meat or ground sausage.  Here is the recipe:

Bring a small pot of water to a boil and add 1/2 cup of dried lentils.

Let boil until lentils are tender, but not too mushy.

In a separate saute pan, saute one white onion, two cloves of garlic and some red pepper flakes.

* If you are going to add meat, now is the time to do it, brown the meat in the pan with the onions.

Add one small can of peeled cherry tomatoes, add salt to taste and let cook for about 20 minutes.

Remove lentils from water and add to tomato sauce.  Let cook for another 10 minutes, until most of the water is absorbed.

Serve with lots of crusty bread!!!